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04-08-2015 // Must-Have of the Month: The Songs Are All We Have

Something a little different this month, this Must-Have of the Month picking is a 20-song compilation of demos, live recordings, B-sides and remixes of the brilliant artists gathered within the finest Canadian record label there is: Other Songs Music Co.

Just like Plug in, Baby! they've recently celebrated their 5th anniversary, and just like this little music blog, Other Songs Music Co. is dedicated to great music. But being a record label they are on the other side of things, releasing great music written by fine indie musicians. Folk music, soft and sweet, with a little twist from time to time. This compilation has a little twist, because of the live recordings and demos; this only adds to the charm of it.

Usually I think the one record I select each month is the best way to spend a little money on music and that's the end of it. By spending your money on this special collection you will also be supporting one of the best indie record labels there is out there in that big, big world. A record label guaranteed to release great new things that we're all dying to hear. So support Other Songs Music Co. by purchasing whichever package you prefer (may I suggest number 4, incl the slipmat) and enjoy a lot of great music. including these 20 rare recordings, of which Ballad of an Old Man #2 (Previously Unreleased, 2010) by JP Haynie is definately maybe my favorite.

I love these songs. I love this compilation. I love Other Songs Music Co.

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