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07-06-2015 // Must-Have of the Month: Book Club - One-Way Moon

There's a theme to the Must-Have of the Month records these last few months. This is the 3rd record in a row that has the word 'Moon' in it. There's absolutely no reason for it, it's just a strange little fact. The music on this 10-track record is what it's all about. And the music is absolutely beautiful.

Book Club is an Atlanta folk collective, what makes their music stand out is the variety in the songs and the great chemistry between the 2 leading vocalists. The voices of Robbie Horlick and Leigh Anne Macquarrie work great together and combined with the powerful and tragic music the rest of the band produces they have created a folk masterpiece like we've barely heard before.

Tracks 3 (You Say It So Glacial) and 4 (How Will You Know, Dear?) are the perfect pair of songs to hear the depth and width of this band. The 1st is a slow, melancholic song, the 2nd an up-tempo almost danceable folk tune. Both great in their own style and a great way to get to know this record a little bit. Although I would strongly suggest you start at the beginning and just listen to the entire record, like I've done so many times in the last few months.

Great. Fucking. Record.

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