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17-10-2014 // Album: The Slow Clock - The Slow Clock

This fine record is the solo-project of Chinup-frontman Harmen Kuiper. The band is slowly working towards releasing their new record, meanwhile Harmen has released this album. It's a really fun and relaxing record, perfect for lazy Sundays or slow Fridays. While we're desperately waiting for the weekend to begin, this is a fine album to get in the mood.

Songs like these remind me of the older work by The Strokes and much similair up-tempo popbands from that time and era. There was a whole wave of fine bands playing happy, care-free tunes back in those days and The Slow Clock would fit in perfectly. There's not a song on this record clocking over 3 minutes, making this a high speed record that is over before you'll know it.

I don't know what this new record of his full band is going to sound like, but if it's anything like The Slow Clock I'm already extremely interested. Considering this is just an "in-between-release" I can't wait what they'll be releasing next. For now, let's enjoy Perfect Friday Music.

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