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30-04-2014 // Album: Aviators - Mirrors

There's not a lot of music featured on this blog that we can call popmusic. But this album can only be described as pop. It's a little dark, a little rock, a little electro, but in its essence Mirrors is a pure pop album. And one of the finest I've heard in years.

Songs like these remind me of the good old 90s poprock-songs like Extreme and Robby Valentine used to make them. My personal favorite in that specific genre is Valensia (you might know this one-hit-wonder from his epic tune Gaia) and Aviators picks up where the 90s left it. Does that make this a somewhat dated album? Maybe. I imagine this kind of music being far less populair than it was 15 to 20 years ago, but that's not always a bad thing. And besides, a good song is still a good song.

Perhaps this album is using a somewhat outdated sound (or being the first one breaking a new hype re-instating 90s music, grunge is on its way back aswell, isn't it?), but it is catchy as hell! I play this album whenever I get home from work in a really shitty mood and I just dance my ass off for an hour.

This is music to celebrate stuff with. Right here, right now. Whatever you're doing and however you're feeling. If you are over 25, you are allowed to like the hell out of this record. No wait, you are obligated to enjoy the fuck out of this record. Don't do it because I told you so, do it because you've given it a spin and are madly in love with it. Like I am.

Great. Fucking. Addictive. Record.

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