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13-04-2014 // Album: Zachary Lucky - The Ballad Of Losing You

It's been months since I've added this album to my favorites. I had just listened to it once and quickly decided I wanted to spent more time with it. As weeks turned into months I fell in love with Zachary Lucky's deep and slow voice, the sad lyrics and the mellow country feel of this album.

This album can be so bitter I can almost taste it. A line such as 'One too many songs about what might've been' from "More Than Enough Road" is just one example of the sorrow that drives this record forward. "Merry Month of May" is just as sad and bluesy, but despite all the pain there's a certain lightness to Zachary Lucky's music.

With an album title such as The Ballad Of Losing You it's no surprise this is a somewhat dark and mellow record, with that typical country feel to it and the lyrics set around losing the love of your life, one way or the other. What makes this album so good is his low and easy voice, taking you on a journey through his pain, without making it sound desperate of cheap.

Zachary Lucky wants to tell us all about losing the one we love, an experience most of us will have been through at least once in our lives by now. He tells a beautiful story, wrapped in compelling songs that urge you to listen and soak it all in. I am flat broke for the next 10 days, but hopefully my next paycheck leaves me some room to order this great record. After all of the months I've been listening to it, I'm far from done with it.

Great. Fucking Record.

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