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01-04-2014 // Must-Have of the Month: Rebecca Brandt - Numbers & Shapes: Revisited

So the preview was on in Februari and the album itself was released in the beginning of March and now that I've been spending a few weeks with it, I'm happy to report that this remix album of the original Numbers & Shapes is another great work of art.

Numbers & Shapes: Revisited is so completely different from the original that any attempt at comparing the 2 albums just doesn't work out. After listening to both albums in several different settings (back-to-back, track-by-track, random order, etc..) I eventually decided to listen to this album as something completely new. The titles are the same, the original artist is the same, some songs do remind of the original record, but there is just too much difference between this and the original to make any sense of comparing them.

Like the order of the tracks, which are completely mixed up. Just as most of the songs are. Some tracks were so way off from the original that I had to look up the title before I was able to figure out the original song. And the original album has been playing a lot in this house. And it still does. I love waking up on Sunday morning, playing the original record, having a hot cup of coffee with a newspaper and a cat loungin' on my sofa.

Basically, the biggest change is the feel of the album. It morphed from a relaxing Sunday-record into a pumping Saturday-record. Not all tracks are as loud as "54", but this album is made for the dancefloor, at least most of it. The new order of the songs gently points out that the album slows down near the end of it. The album certainly doesn't die out all quietly on us, but the pace drops down a lot with "Aline's Song", "Blackbox" and "Rouge". If you play this album on a Saturday night partying, it would be best to save the ending for the after-after-party. Six o'clock in the morning and you're barely hanging on to being awake. Lying on the floor, you stare at the ceiling as the first rays of sunlight come peeking through the window. You fall asleep to 7 minutes of "Rouge". Sweet dreams guaranteed.

This album is nothing like the original. But is that a bad thing? Absolutely not. On it's own it's a great remix album, perfect for late Saturday nights. Enough moments to go crazy and loose the last bits of energy you might have left and eventually it'll help you fall into a fine overwhelming coma. The up-tempo tracks are definately the better ones and surprisingly those are also the songs that remind the most of the original record. The original is still a solid 17.423 times better, but don't let that number fool you, this is a great record! A Must-Have of the Month you can download for free at greenvillage.bandcamp.com/album/numbers-shapes-revisited.

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