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13-03-2014 // Album: Kojo "Easy" Damptey - Daylight Robbery

The Summer is slowly coming our way and with warm Summer days comes warm Summer music. Enter: Kojo "Easy" Damptey. A musician from Ghana now living and working in Canada. His music is easy on the ears and warms you up no matter the temperatures outside. Which is pretty convenient for a man travelling from Ghana to Canada.

Although his music is light and sweet, the message of his music is one that is often heard from the part of the world he is original from. I'm not claiming to know what I'm talking about, but to me he writes music that expresses hope, yet asks some difficult questions at the same time. Not knowing the answers himself, Kojo Damptey expresses his worries for things he sees happening all around him, not knowing what to make of it.

The power of his music lies in the combination of his serious message combined with light and 'happy' tunes. Final track of the record is "Africa" and it's the best example of how good this works for him. This is great music for Summer festivals, dancing and singing with a large group of friends, but reflection on yourselves and the world make a great discussion subject when you're sitting around a campfire later on.

Is it Summer already? It's not, but with this album it's a little closer. Play this everyday and it'll guarantee a warm feeling inside and a big smile on your face!

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