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02-02-2014 // MixTape: Well-Played 003: Brave Tin Soldier

Sunday morning. The sun is slowly rising over the houses across the street. It's warming up the living room, setting the entire back wall on fire. Kitty is trying to find the perfect spot to bath in the sunlight, while I'm trying to decide on wearing sunglasses or not. It's silly as hell to hear these inside, but with the flu still raging, my eyes won't stop tearing. And that's ruining my typing skills. But it's easy to ignore the little uncomfortable things when the stereo is streaming nothing but great music. Here's 5 songs that have been great company these last few sickdays. Even if you're feeling extremely well today (I hope you do), these are well worth hearing!

Thanks to the 2013-yearlist over at Common Folk Music I heard 'The Coldest State' by Donovan Woods. Once you stop watching the hilarious video, you'll realize that the song is really good!

Kevin Morby's "Harlem River" is from his 1st solo album released in December 2013. The song is a 7-minute trip with a pumping drumbeat that almost becomes endlessly haunting, unitll it's suddenly over in the blink of an eye. Great song!

I remember the video from when I was young and we only had 3 tv-channels, the animated short "The Brave Tin Soldier" seems to be the perfect video for the beautiful "Waiting For My Time To Come" by Colony House.

Now that I'm up for over an hour and I'm having my 2nd cup of coffee, let's dance a little in that Sunday morning sunshine. Brass Bed's "Please Don't Go" is a pretty cool track for such a thing and for some reason it reminds me of The Beatles everytime I hear it. Is there a better reason to listen to this song over and over again? I doubt it..

Duologue recorded this version of "Push It" at Stoke Newington International Airport. I don't see or hear any planes, but the song ain't less beautiful for it. Another repetitive and haunting track clocking over 7 minutes. But also another great song.

Sunday mornings should always sound like this. Have a great one!

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