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03-12-2013 // Track: Richard J. Birkin - Accretions / A Lullaby Hymn (Parts I & II)

More instrumental beauty: Richard J. Birkin's "Accretions" and "A Lullaby Hymn (Parts I & II)" are 2 beautiful pieces of music. I tried to explain all the things you're hearing, but he's done it so much better himself in the press release:

“Accretion discs are the beautiful tails of a black hole, formed by stars being dragged into that invisible thing that spells the end of matter, the observable universe, and known physics. They’re nightmarish, really. But from this distance they’re beautiful stationary things. By the time we look at them they’ll’ve already spiralled, changed, moved, chewed up who knows how many worlds.
I have this endearing image in my head of an astronaut paused infinitely on the edge of a black hole, as the explanation of what happens when you get there. I think this comes from a junior school book on space, where everything is simplified, where wonder is prized over fact.”

A Lullaby Hymn (Parts I & II) has a less overwhelming description, but in the end it's the sounds that matters the most. And both tracks are equally beautiful, so all is good in the sound department. I love these tracks and there's a lot more great music on his soundcloud-page, so be sure to check that out if you're loving it as much as I do.

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