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15-11-2013 // MixTape: Well-Played 001: Everybody Wins

There's an ever-growing list of songs and albums that I listen to on several devices that are just not brilliant enough to get an item themselves, but great enough to get a mention. Just to give these fine songs the attention they deserve and to help you find a lot of great songs at once, I'll be making these setlists whenever I damn please, pretty much how I do all of my writings. Here's part 1 of the series: Everybody Wins.

New Gary Clark Jr music. Hell yeah!

This has been playing at least 12 times a day these last 2 days. great cover!

The band calls this 'music Clint Eastwood would use in a spaghetti-western'.

I thought 'Sail' was their only great song, I was wrong.

Morgan Doctor released an instrumental album recently, this is the best song on it.

This is how the weekend should sound. This remix is as good as the original!

Now that the weekend has started, let's celebrate by dancing our arse off!

7 tracks for the weekend. Or Monday mornings. Or Tuesday afternoons. Whenever you feel like it, play a great song. that's pretty much how I survive the dull moments in life. And right then & there it cheers me up, and Everybody Wins.

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