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05-11-2013 // Must-Have of the Month: The Tourist Company - Brother, Wake Up

November. The month in between. Not as Autumn as October, not as romantic as December. Since 2011 also known als Movember, Brovember and other silly excuses for men to see how they look with a moustache. You look stupid, my fellow men, no exceptions. Accept it, enjoy it if you will. And move the fuck on. Preferably with a fine tune to ease the pain. And when it comes to fine tunes, I’ve found the perfect record to get you through the most promising, yet boring as hell month of the year: Brother, Wake Up by The Tourist Company is the new Must-Have of the Month. Wonder. Listen. Agree.

The folk-hype is not over, Mumford & Sons-clones are all over the place and it is not impossible to put The Tourist Company in the same corner with the rest of them, but you’d be doing them wrong. Their songs are little stories, the harmonies perfectly intimate and they put the song before the rhythm. That sounds a little strange, but when you think of it most Mumford-clones, as well as the original, are more about up-tempo rhythms and close harmony vocals than anything else. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just that what The Tourist Company does is a little more. And a little better, in my opinion.

Don’t speak. Don’t read. Just listen.

“Let It Rest” is right up there with the greatest songs of the year. It’s the icing on the cake for an album that is best enjoyed every day of the month right after you wake up until the very moment you fall asleep. It’ll smooth out your day & bring you beautiful dreams in the night. Just like any perfect record should. I love this album. I’d marry it if I was allowed to.

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