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01-11-2013 // Album: Haruko - Feathers & Driftwood

Haruko released her new album Feathers & Driftwood this Summer and I've been falling in and out love with it for a few months now. I guess it was just the wrong season for it, now that Fall has set in with all the storms and rain, I love doing nothing in the warm comfort of my home listening to this beautiful record every night.

Haruko's previous record Bird in the Snow was a personal favorite 2 years ago and she continues to amaze me on the new record. The beautiful songs, intimate and slow, are all perfectly crafted based on a minimal sound. It all revolves around Susanne's voice and guitar.

For some reason my mind always goes into some sort of competition to find a favorite song on each album. Although I've accepted long ago that this usually changes if an album is really good and I get to spend a lot of time with it. Lately the beautiful records I listen to make it extremely hard to single out a certain song. This album made me face the same challenge, my favorite song changes everytime a new song starts. One of the marks of a special record.

And that is just what this is; a very special and truly beautiful record.

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