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13-10-2013 // Album: O'Messy Life - Challenger EP

“Challenger EP” by O’Messy Life was released a few months ago on one of my favorite record labels and it’s such a great 5-track release. It’s intense music, constantly on the edge of breaking. It is a star release that is almost impossible to write down in words. I’ve been looking at an empty screen for an hour now, typing a few lines and deleting those lines right away. The songs speak for themselves and any attempt for me to describe what you are listening to, will be considered a waste of words. At least by me.

“Invincible History” is probably my favorite song. It’s sweet, but you can feel the energy underneath. It bursts out a few times and eventually comes pouring out completely. Exploding in raw energy, but never completely mental. My mind has been looking for similar artists, but so far it came up empty. This track is mesmerizing, insane, loud, addictive, beautiful, intense, rare, amazing and fanastic. And probably a lot more..

After 3 noisy songs the EP takes it down a few notches. The last 2 songs are moody, slow and dark. “The Rebel in Love” is the closing track and after wearing you down in the first songs this is a nice and delicate finish. I am, again, lost for words here. Which is a rare thing in my case. So let me just shut up so you can enjoy the songs to the fullest.

Worst ‘review’ I’ve ever written. Great fucking album. I should’ve just stopped there..

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