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01-10-2013 // Track: Squanto - Parts 3 & 4

This song had me picking up my guitar again last night, for probably the first time in 2013. Not because I wanted to play this song, not because it reminded me of something (well, a little bit). But mostly it inspired me. It is about 24 hours ago now (it was somewhere between midnight and 1:00 AM), I played the intro to 'Stairway to Heaven', attempted a few Nick Drake-song, had another beer and went to bed.

Best sleep I had in months. I went into my coma and kept right in there untill the alarm went off, feeling all powered up from the 1st minute. I don't think I slept like that in the last 3 years. After that and a morning coffee, I felt so good today, I walked up to this pretty girl I've been having meaningless small talks with for months, and now we have a date on Thursday.

Not saying my newlyfound love for my acoustic guitar, the great night sleep, the succesfull day at work and the Thursday date with the pretty girl are somehow related to listening to this mesmerizing tune last night. But I'm spinning it again right now, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning. after a great night of sleep. But first, where's my guitar?!

And in case you missed it somewhere in my ramblings; I think this is a great track!

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