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01-09-2013 // Introducing: Beccy Owen

The Sweetest of Tales From The Bitterest Edge is Beccy Owen's debut record from back in 2002. It was recently re-released via bandcamp and it is one of the finest records I've discovered this year. The fact that it's over 10 years old doesn't matter at all, there's no timestamp on truly beautiful music.

Together with Paul Federici's Now and Then this album was pretty much my only soundtrack last week. The music of Beccy Owen fits in nice somewhere in between Tori Amos and Bridie Jackson. Being a huge fan of both, it's no surprise I've been enjoying this so much lately. So if either of those interest you, get this record!

There's also a recently released new EP called Drink, which is supposed to be a little teaser for a new album coming later this year & only available for a limited time. It's a little darker but also extremely beautiful. Drink is her 5th release in total and her first new solo work in five years, Beccy seems to be trying out new styles on it and it just makes me more curious about that new record. The Tori Amos-reference is pretty much gone here, eventually Beccy Owen will be without comparisation. She will just be Beccy Owen. A great singer-songwriter.

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