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31-08-2013 // Track: Cub Sport - Paradise

Cub Scouts have been stung by a cease and desist order from Scouts Australia, who sent a legal letter to the Brisbane group last month stating that their name conflicted with the registered Cub Scout trademark, Perth Now reports. The band’s frontman, Tim Nelson, says the moniker – which they have been using for over two years – was inspired by the “youthfulness” of their indie tunes, but Scouts Australia have concerns over avoiding any confusion between their activities and that of the Brisbane five-piece, who played for the Scouts in a live performance at their Jamboree in January. Source: http://cubsport.tumblr.com/.

The namechange is a little sad and completely silly from the Scouts Australia, but the music is still addictive as hell! The new song "Paradise" is another "Must-Dance-and-Sing" track and the video is the icing on the cake. Great track to kick off the weekend. Great track to dance to on the weekend. Great track to finish off the weekend on Monday morning. Or just play it 24/7 for the next few days. I wish I could!

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