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27-07-2013 // Album: Dave Walsh - Storyboard

This was a great Must-Have of the Month-candidate for last month and again for August, but it eventually got over-ruled by two other great albums. July's Must-Have is Weekend Riot Club's debut album, next months album will be announced when August has actually started. But onto the great album at hand: Storyboard by Dave Walsh, an English drummer from the Leeds College of Music.

The album is all instrumental. Jazz in a lot of different forms, but always with a solid groove & amazing solos. Dave Walsh plays a lot of instruments himself, but he has an impressive group of talented musicians around him. None of the names ring any bells in my Jazz-memories, but that just makes me happier. To know that there are so much talented musicians out there. A statement I've always lived by since I started bloggin' and decided to ignore the hypes and magazines.

Dave Walsh has written all the compositions himself. He has released some music in the past (his website seems a bit outdated) and I would love to hear some of it. Based on this album, he has a talent for composing. Last year I was completely hooked on the instrumental album by Rebecca Brandt (and I still am), but for 2013 the most played instrumental album has to be this. I listen to it almost 10 times a week and I never get tired of it. I hope a lot of people take notes, because this is what music should sound like. You can get a digital copy for only 4 Pounds, which is cheap as hell for such great music. There's really no excuse not get it.

Great. Fucking. Album.

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