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18-07-2013 // Album: :novemthree: - Renewing

Some albums are just made for the darkest hours of the day, Renewing by :novemthree: is such an album. Dark, slow and mesmerizing songs. Haunting melodies with perfectly suitable vocals. You can easily picture yourself in a dark forest, with nothing but the leaves blowing, the campfire softly whispering and the shadows scaring the shit out of you every few minutes. While the music softly plays, completing the beautiful and terrifying scenery.

Not all the songs are of the same dark and mellow type, that would be too depressing for most people. The album nicely switches from the dark, haunting songs to something more light and sweet, such as 'Sunlight' or 'Sing of Beauty'.

Yet the darker songs are more intense. They go deeper, drag you into the woods, knock you out and fill your mind with nightmares through your ears. But perhaps, rather than nightmares, this is the perfect music for beautiful dreams. Just relaxing in bed, ready for sleep. A few candles lit, stereo softly playing. Maybe some scented oil. And if you're not alone in there, may I suggest a tender massage?

Anyway, before I drift off and spend the next hour writing sick little porn stories, let me just end with the few ideas I've given you and let the beautiful music of this great record take you where it is you wanna go. Dreamland or dark hell, that's up to you.

Sweet dreams!

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