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16-07-2013 // Track: Eeek! - B.E.S.

About 12 years ago I met a girl. She was extreme in a lot of ways; She was loud, she was straight to the point, she was in your face. Always. She was also beautiful and she had a great voice. On the first day we've met we went shopping together and I bought myself a bright red pair of pants that were loose enough to fit 4 of me. On the second day we played 'Stairway to Heaven', I was just learning the chords on acoustic guitar and she knew the lyrics. It was a little match made in heaven and that voice won me over even more than she'd done without singing the day before.

We lost track of each other a long time ago, but she once gave me a cd with some songs from her band on it. It was all pretty bad teenage rocksongs, except for this one song. I fell in love straight away and over the years that have passed I have listened to it 1000s of times. And everytime I hear it, I remember that one hour we had playing and singing Led Zep's classic together. And right after that I remember how she tried to stab someone that 1st day we met.

All the personal memories aside, this is a beautiful song. I've uploaded it on my own soundcloud, but please note that I have nothing to do with the song, neither do I own any rights to it. On request, the song will be removed. Now turn off your phone and listen to this for at least 12 times in a row. I have tonight. I've done so several nights before. And I'll do it again for many nights to come.

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