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09-07-2013 // Must-Have of the Month: Weekend Riot Club - PSYCHOTROPIA

Must-Have of the Month for July was a hard decision with a mind-blowing hiphop album by Ugly Heroes and 2 more highly addictive albums battling for some precious airtime on the stereo. The winner is PSYCHOTROPIA by Weekend Riot Club, a hard-rocking, head-knocking album, best enjoyed played as loud as possible.

Beware that 'Fly Away' might get stuck in your head, I've had the experience for the last few days singing "Take a deep breath and hold on tight, Let's fly away" pretty much everywhere I went.

The whole album oozes a 90s rockchick-feel, but with a modern twist to it. Being a 90s-kid this is probably one of the reasons I'm so madly in love with this album. The riffs are cold and hard, the drums loud and relentless, the lyrics are mostly about love, brought to you by lead-singer Melissa.

For some reason I feel I shouldn't be so hyped up about this album, perhaps because of that obvious 90s-link this album holds. But this album is just 100% fun. You can dance, rock, jump, run and basically just go hard to this. It's a primal thing, I'd say typical male aswell, but since there's a pretty girl doing the vocals on this record that doesn't really make sense.

Bottom line: Great! Fucking! Record!

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