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04-07-2013 // Album: Ugly Heroes - Ugly Heroes

After 2 days of listening pretty much non-stop to this hiphop-album I knew I struck gold. Thanks to a good friend who tipped this, I finally heard a great hiphop-album that is actually released in 2013. Based on the major opinion Kanye's new album is also worth hearing, I'll get to that later. For now, I'm still hooked on this.

This album sounds a lot like the conscious rap that was coming up 20 years ago with Mos Def, Common & Pharaohe Monch. The sound of that last group was probably a big inspiration to Ugly Heroes. No matter where it comes from though, what matters is what it sounds like today. And it sounds good.

Usually I just type a few lines and let you enjoy the music and form your own opinion on the things I put on this blog. But this album has me to hyped up that I want to keep on talking about the great lyrics, the fine beats with that oldschool-vibe taking me back to the 1st time I listened to Common and Mos Def and how mind-blown I was back then.

I won't though. You just listen to to these four tracks and you'll probably decide to check out the entire album at http://mellomusicgroup.bandcamp.com/album/ugly-heroes. You should!

Great. Fucking. Album.

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