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26-06-2013 // Album: Woodpigeon - Thumbtacks + Glue

Woodpigeon was here last year in February with the beautiful song For Paolo and in February of this year he released a new album called Thumbtacks + Glue. The album takes a few spins to get into your head, but once it's in there, it'll refuse to leave.

The thing with this album is that Woodpigeon lets it start with track 7 (out of 10): Robin Song. I understood from several other artists that they do this because they want to start off with the 'best' or most appealling track of their album. Makes sense, but the downside is that it's easy to miss more of this album, and after a while I just start off at track 7, shrinking the album down to a 4-track EP. A beautiful 4-track EP.

When listening to the entire album from start to finish I can't help the feeling that the album just really sets in at Robin Song. I wonder if that is something only I feel, or that the those last 4 songs are simply the finest the album has to offer.

Decide for yourself: a great 10-track album or a beautiful 4-track EP. What is it?!

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