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22-05-2013 // Album: John Donovan - Via Crucis

Some (actually, most) albums are best enjoyed from start to finish. Although the way we as consumers listen to music has changed a lot since the internet and all the possibilities it holds came on our path, I still strongly believe that most artists don't record a bunch of songs and stuff a collection of those on an album. I still believe most artists work with the the concept of an album. With a start and a finish and an order in tracklisting that is created specifically that way for a reason. Not always a logical or simple reason, but the order and the songs on the record are constructed in that order. And of course we as listeners are free to listen to an album any way we want (my mp3-player sets several albums backwards for some reasons, just the order, not the actual songs are played backwards..), but we might miss out on that special something the artist had in mind when carefully selecting the songs and their order.

Now that's a lot of words for trying to express the urge to listen to this new album by John Donovan from the first to the last second. Via Crucis has a theme. It is (and I quote) "an interpretation of the fourteen traditional Stations of the Cross". I don't know what that means, as I'm not religious, but that theme is best felt when you listen to the album as I suggested earlier. The reason I use so many words to urge this on you is because there's a few atmospheric moments on it. Things not really suitable for using here on this blog, but if heard within the surroundings of the rest of the music, it makes sense. It fits great, and it is a valid addition to the album.

To best enjoy this album, start around midnight: Turn off the television, dim the lights. Burn a few candles, stare into nothing. The wall, an old painting, the empty streets outside your window. Or, if you're doing this in the bedroom (also a great place for a record like this), just stare at the ceiling.

That is all you need to do for an intense and inspirational music experience. Listen to the entire album via http://johndonovan.bandcamp.com/album/via-crucis. Probably best served on a Sunday night, but in all honesty, any moment will do. Enjoy.

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