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10-04-2013 // Album: Little Tybee - For Distant Viewing

Without a doubt once of the best releases of the year. I know it’s a bit strange to tell you how this post ends in the 1st line, but there is no way I could not start off like this. Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of Little Tybee, but once I heard this record, everything changed. I’ve been singing a lot of these songs constantly, like the title track lines on ‘for distant viewing’ and everything that comes after that (you never win..).

Eventually, people that work with me, drink with me, sleep with me, eat cheese with me or visit places with me, all started asking about the songs I continued to be singing. Mainly because I annoyed the shit out of them with the a-rhythmic unknown things I’ve been humming and singing, but they were also intrigued. My father asked what was playing in the background over the phone last week, so did a good friend, also one of my finer ex-girlfriends. The answer was always: Little Tybee. Their response was always: who? What? When? Where? To which I replied: Little Tybee, perhaps the finest revelation of 2013.

I remember the first time I received an email about this album, I was told I had never heard anything like this. And that is a pretty lame and standard line in PR-emails, even for a tiny, pretty much useless blog like this, but Paper Garden Records hit a home-run on that one. I have never heard anything like this. And that is as good as it get. Little Tybee is like the insanely pretty girl I have a date with this weekend. We’ve just met, and I’m crazy about her, and I am 100% convinced we’re going to have a great time together this weekend. And on the even bigger plus side: I know Little Tybee won’t be breaking my heart. It’ll be unconditional love. From both sides.

Great. Fucking. Record. And one more for the road (although I’m a cat-person):

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