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10-04-2013 // Album: Small Houses - Exactly Where You Wanted To Be

I'm a Small Houses-fan. I've been a fan since I've discovered his beautiful 2011-release North. A great album with nothing but amazing songs on it, which I still listen to every few days. A sign of greatness in my slightly less humble opinion.

About 6 weeks ago he released his new album Exactly Where You Wanted To Be. Usually I don't care much for artists doing the same thing several albums, but Small Houses probably does what he does best and I can't ignore the fact that he does it so well. Most songs have the same sound and feel as North, but that doesn't matter. In fact, it's a good thing. North is great. North is Beautiful. A lot of musicians wished they had once released an album like North. I know I would. Anyway, the new album is melancholic country folk as good as it gets and Jeremy Quentin has a special voice. A little rough around the edges, which makes it all the more better. I'm pretty sure I would reckonize his voice with my eyes closed.

The only so-called 'flaw' of this album is it being over too soon. I know I have used this line before, but it is so suitable for albums like this. Every song is something special, so when the last notes of closing track "Homes and Photographs" fade out, it just sucks to know it's over. At least untill I walk over to my laptop or stereo to hit 'play' again. Good thing my house ain't that big..

Beautiful Record. If I'd use any categories whatsoever on my personal ramblings spot, this would be labelled a "must-listen".

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