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26-02-2013 // Album: Pickering Pick - (Tropic)

2012 introduced me to Sam. Sam Pickering Pick. His album Prayer Flag was one of the finest releases of last year and I was extremely pleased to find out he would be releasing an album early 2013. And early it was, (Tropic) was released on january 15th. I admit to being very slow with this review aka declaration of love, but I have a good excuse. The music on this album to fine to be typing while it's playing. Some music (the greatest music) is best enjoyed doing absolutely nothing, which goes extra triple-double for (Tropic).

From the 1st minute you feel right at home with Pickering Pick. The songs have that melancholic feeling, his laid-back fingerpicking style on guitar, calm piano ballads and slow tempo of the entire record are perfect for a lovely date on a lazy Sunday. But Monday morning getting up for work is just as enjoyable with this record as your alarm clock. After spending 6 weeks with this album, I’m fairly sure that there’s nothing you can’t do with this record playing.

If you’d put a gun to my head and force me to come with the most perfect song on this album, I’d probably cry out “The Summer’s Always Dying For The Fall”. But just like all great records, the best song on the album is the song that’s playing at that very moment. Last year March I finished my ‘review’ of Prayer Flag with the words “this is going straight to my best-of-the-year-list. Sounds about right, but recently I came up with a new category for albums like these:

Great. Fucking. Record.

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