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31-12-2012 // Plug in, Baby!: 2012: A year in Music

I loved 2012. I loved it from the very first week. They day I met Bridie Jackson & The Arbour’s debut record “Bitter Lullabies” was a good day. My New Year-fever (will there be as much great music as there was in 2011?!) was instantly cured. I was positive 2012 would bring us at least the same amount of great music. Maybe even more. I was not wrong.

I was not right either though. Because comparing 2011 and 2012 music-wise is like comparing a pregnant elephant with a picture of my remote control. Useless. But for me, 2011 was an exceptional music year. Due to new contacts I made via this blog I was introduced to artists and music I probably would’ve never heard off. I was worried that 2012 might not do the same for me. luckily on that specific matter, I was very wrong. Bridie Jackson was just the 1st album I completely fell in love with. Pickering Pick, Elenne May LUIK, F&M, Paper Aeroplanes, Hip Hatchet, Rebecca Brandt, The Rest, Holmes, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Idiot Wind, Conveyor, John Donovan, Dry The River, JP Haynie, Will Stratton, All Shall Be Well, Matthew De Zoete, Avec pas d’casque, Beach House and a lot more names have made this a year to remember.

And those are just the names I picked straight of the blog, the names I’ve shared with you. Artists you’ve hopefully fallen in love with yourself too. There’s are lot more great things that have not made it onto the blog for a whole lot of different reasons. The new Muse (2nd Law) is brilliant as always, but one of the biggest rock bands in the world doesn’t really need another fan review. Same goes for the 2nd album of folkies Mumford & Sons. Their “Babel” is not as overwhelming and surprisingly fresh as their debut, but it delivers. It gives me exactly what I need from them. Another personal favorite is Craig Taborn. I saw him play live at North Sea Jazz this year and it was one of the finest concerts of the year. Not the easiest of music (solo jazz on piano, are you scared yet?), but if you take the time, you’ll hear the beautiful brilliance of his music. His album “Avenging Angel” is a must-play on Sundays.

Standing in front of my ever-growing cd-collection I spot albums by BRUUT, Port Of Call, Moss, Christine Leakey, Michael Kiwanuka and more that surely brought me joy in 2012. But for them also there are all sorts of reasons they never made it onto the blog. And now that the year is over and the hunt for great new tunes rages on, they probably never will. I’m tying up the loose ends, scraping together the remains of 2012. The leftovers, for those that are still hungry for new music worth their time. These are surely worth hearing.

Anything I missed? Well, yes. There are still a few more interviews coming with my personal favorites of the year 2012. There won’t be a year list of my favorite albums, but instead we have the December-interviews. Due to me being too busy with work & all the holiday-festivities, a few will be released in 2013. It doesn’t matter though, as I’ve recently decided to continue with Plug in, Baby! In 2013. Which I wasn’t planning on doing. I don’t know why I wanted to quit, neither do I know the reasons for deciding to continue blogging. But I will.

So.. Have a great New Year’s Eve, my friends. See you on the other side!

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