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28-12-2012 // interviews, 2012: 2012: Interview with All Shall Be Well

The year 2012 is coming to an end. It is that time of the year for Christmas carols, buying presents for our loved ones and reflecting on the year that (almost) lies behind us. For us music bloggers it also means writing year lists, pretending our opinions matter to the world. Which of course, they do not, but even bloggers have dreams. These last few weeks I’ve asked several of my favorite artists of 2012 to look back on what this year has brought them. For their own musical careers, but also about the music they’ve enjoyed themselves and, if any, what their plans for 2013 are. These are their stories (yes, I did just quote the A-Team intro).

Next up in the interview sessions is Dutch instrumental rockband All Shall Be Well. Their 2011-release Roodblauw has had many spins this year & “History Is Ever Ours For The Reliving” is one of the finest tunes I’ve heard all year. It is very good news to know they’re working on their next album being released in 2013 (I’m giving away a little something from what’s down there, I’m sorry). Their music has something mesmerizing and very special, I usually get bored with rock music after a while, but Roodblauw is still playing at least a few times a week now that the year is almost over. And although it’s a 2011-release, it’ll go down in 2012-history for me as one of the finest records I’ve heard! Read about their year and bright future plans and check out their 1st video down below.

1. If you had to name one moment, what would you consider the highlight of 2012?
In all fairness it's much easier to name highlights of 2011.

- we released our debut album Roodblauw
- 1.5 million hits on YouTube (http://youtu.be/SUTnyUhynC0)
- recording a song for More Hope for Japan, an effort to raise money for the victims of the tsunami.

Our highlight of 2012 was the release of our first music video: http://youtu.be/LWZ2x_QOopQ

2. What are doing at the moment (novermber 2012)?
We're busy writing new songs for record number 2, which is going pretty good so far. In 2011 we started a project called '30 Second Compositions', where we release a new composition of 30 seconds every month (on the 30th). We're still writing and releasing those, and recently expanded on this project by asking film makers to visualse a composition. You can check those out here: www.30secondcompositions.com.

3. Which great band/artist did you discover yourself in 2012?
Wouter: Imannu El
Jeroen: Skrillex
Vincent: Kodaline
Bas: Stealing Sheep, Nathaniel Rateliff and Alt-J.

4. What's your favorite album released this year?
Wouter: Jonsi - We bought a zoo
Jeroen: -
Vincent: Muse- The 2nd Law
Bas: Mewithoutyou - Ten Stories / Withered Hand - Inbetweens

5. How will you celebrate New Year's Eve?
Should we have thought about that already?

6. What are your plans for 2013?
2013 will see the release of our second record. We're well on our way with writing it but still have the recording and mixing process ahead of us. 2013 will also be the year we start playing live shows again which we chose not to do while writing our second album. We hope to build on a great 2011 and 2012 and the modest succes of Roodblauw.

Thank you All Shall Be Well for answering these questions. Seeing you play live must be something special, so I hope to attend one of your shows in 2013 and that video is great!

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