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18-12-2012 // interviews, 2012: 2012: Interview with F&M

The year 2012 is coming to an end. It is that time of the year for Christmas carols, buying presents for our loved ones and reflecting on the year that (almost) lies behind us. For us music bloggers it also means writing year lists, pretending our opinions matter to the world. Which of course, they do not, but even bloggers have dreams. These last few weeks I’ve asked several of my favorite artists of 2012 to look back on what this year has brought them. For their own musical careers, but also about the music they’ve enjoyed themselves and, if any, what their plans for 2013 are. These are their stories (yes, I did just quote the A-Team intro).

Not the only 2011-release that made it onto the blog this year, but probably one of the finest is F&M's beautiful album Wish You Were Here. It is one of those albums of which at some point each song was my favourite, I first fell in love with the title track, but slowly made my way through the entire album (read the review here) and I have to admit I'm very eager to hear the new songs they've been working on. They had fun answering these questions, I enjoyed reading them, I hope you do too.

F&M are:
Rebecca Anderson (AKA: Owlprowl)- Plays piano, accordion, guitar, bağlama, writes song and sings like a sweet Budgie fresh from the kill.

Ryan Anderson (AKA: Hawkwalk)- Plays/fights guitar, writes songs and sings like a great French wine after losing a boxing match.

Bryan Reichert (AKA: MIOT)- Plays guitar, violin, mandolin orchestrates/engineers/mixes/records songs and sings like an old black & white movie that you just want to live in.

If you had to name one moment, what would you consider the highlight of 2012?
Rebecca: Toss up between having a song in the movie Goon and getting a BBQ.
Bryan: Limping through Toronto on my broken leg during NXNE
Ryan: My Grandfather Jim Anderson gave my dad Murray an acoustic Gibson guitar after my Grandfather left the Canadian military (he was a PT boat captain in WWII). My Dad gave it to me. I wrote so many songs on it and this year I gave it to my nephew Tim (who can now grow a mustachio). It was emotional for me but it was time. All of my nephews and nieces are amazing- family is amazing. Our records make the press but the real story is the family that has supported F&M. Four generations of my family have now played this Gibson; Beautiful.

What are you doing at the moment (November 2012)? 

Ryan: I broke my hand last year so practicing my scales and doing vocal exercises for our new EP and full length for 2013... and drinking cheap merlot/syrah.
Bryan: Answering this question
Rebecca: Recording a special winter download - available sometime in the next few months.

Which great band/artist did you discover in 2012?
Bryan: Dave Brubeck, more of a re-discovery

Rebecca: I rediscovered Great Aunt Ida (www.greatauntida.ca) She's a wonderful Canadian talent that I listened to a lot to back in 2006. She came back out west and I was happy to rediscover her this year.
Ryan: Not so much a band/artist so much as a style; Fado Music. I don’t have a favourite artist per se but I have been really loving the passionate melancholy of this Portuguese tradition. It’s really snuck into my songwriting in a non-obvious way.

What's your favourite album released this year?
Rebecca: I am still enjoying 2011 - PJ Harvey's, “Let England Shake”.
Bryan: Silversun Pickups, “Neck of the Woods”.

Ryan: I have two; Our friend Tyler Butler released “Violence” (http://tylerbutler.bandcamp.com/) it’s a really great record and fellow Canadians Godspeed You! Black Emperor quietly released “Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!” it’s stunning www.soundcloud.com/constellation-records/sets/godspeed-you-black-emperor). I sat and listened to it and just stared ahead with goosebumps! Such an important record.

How will you celebrate New Year's Eve?

Rebecca: With a book and some wine.
Ryan: I loathe crowds so very quietly at home with a nice bottle of Bordeaux convincing Rebecca to put her book down.
Bryan: Hopefully playing at some filthy club

What are your musical plans for 2013?
Rebecca: New F&M album and possibly taking a few more cello lessons.
Bryan: More of the same, just bigger and better
Ryan: We’ll be living in the studio for a few months during the coldest months getting acquainted with our new songs We’ll be releasing both a Russian themed EP and a full length. I’m quite excited by this. Rebecca has written a song called “Razzle Dazzle” that made Bryan and I stop and smile. I can’t wait to share it. Then some touring. We really want to make it to Europe again in 2013.

Thank you F&M for a very enjoyable interview. I'm looking forward to the new music and would love to hear you play live somewhere in the new year!

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