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23-11-2012 // Album: JP Haynie - The Sand

Most played record for November, maybe October too. JP Haynie's The Sand is one for the "best of 2012"-lists. There's nothing this is comparable with, it is pretty much unique in style and beauty. Just like those other fantastic albums this year has brought us, this is an album that you just want to hear again right at the moment the last song has finished.

"Peaceful River" is my favourite song, it could last for an hour and I'd still love it, some songs are just meant to last forever.. If this would've been the closing track on the album, it would've lasted 15 minutes & JP Haynie would've gotten away with it. It's almost too bad that didn't happen.

You got the idea, I love this album. There's a little bit of a lot in there, but it's also not like anything I've heard in a long time. Best references that come to mind are The Antlers and Grandaddy. Not the least of names..

"How Quickly We Forget" is one the more 'regular' songs on the album, but still a beauty. And the lyrics are pretty much perfect for a song with such a title.

Based on the huge amount of airtime this record received over the last weeks I should've already ordered myself and my entire family a copy of this. Unfortunately I'm flat broke, but don't let you (or my family) stop that of getting a copy for yourself. This is what I consider a must-have, and I will definately get at least myself a copy as soon as I can.

Great. Fucking. Record. (it's the 2013-slogan for great albums, get used to it..)

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