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28-08-2012 // Album: The Soil & The Sun - Wake Up, Child

This was released 11 months ago and I came across it about 3 months ago. All that time I listened to it a lot, constantly reminding myself that I should write a little lovestory on it one day. Today is that day, and guess what? (this is the moment where you say "What!?" out loud, preferably for others to hear it), they've just released a new album called What Wonder is this Universe. Which is probably at least as good, and hopefully even better, but for now I'll stick to this 2011-release that I've fallen in love with over the last few months.

This band combines a lot of different styles, I can taste a little prog rock, some experimental 60s noise, hints of grunge and probably 12 more style frames I mostly will invent while typing. They've come up with a beautiful description themselves though: Experiential Spiritual Folk-Rock or New Mexican Space Music. That's unbeatable! It's brilliant and somehow perfectly describes this great album.

I could add any of the 10 songs featured on this album, as they are equally beautiful and my words are just getting in the way of the music. Let me just shut up and let the great music win you over like it did me. Amazing album. I'm not ready to say goodbye yet, their new release will just have to wait a little longer for me to be able to hear it. But if it is as good as this one, I'll fall in love someday. Just not yet. Not yet. I ain't ready for new love, I'm still hooked on this one..

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