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14-07-2012 // Plug in, Baby!: 2 Years of Plug in, Baby!

Today, 2 years have passed since Plug in, Baby! first started. In those 2 years, I've written almost 700 blogs, numbers of visitors have doubled and tripled, but most importantly, great music was found and shared.

For this blog I surf the web, trying to find great music to share. Sometimes, the music finds me, but I mostly go surfing for it. A great way of spending time, and I cherish every little pearl of music that I find and eventually can share with you. Without Plug in, Baby! I probably would never have found great bands like Conveyor, The Deloreans, Dry The River, The Rest and many more. Without this blog I would've never fallen in love with the beautiful music of Hip Hatchet, Pickering Pick, Rebecca Brandt, Bridie Jackson and (again) many, many more.

So for me, this blog is a success. It's my own little piece of the world wide web, where I can share my love for music in my own way, hoping to help you (the readers) discover great new music and on the other side, helping those great, yet unknown, bands get a little more attention. If I have ever helped 1 person fall in love with 1 band through this blog, I consider my job well done (not counting myself in this theory, though I've fallen in love several times in the 2 years that have passed).

I would like to thank everyone who visits Plug in, Baby! for taking the time to read my little declarations of love, and hopefully you enjoy most of the music as much as I do. The future is bright, with amazing things ahead of us. There's a few fine dance tracks lined up for tonight, tomorrow will be all about Conveyor's debut album (which is my new favourite record of the year, sorry Bridie..), there's 2 more interviews in the works and I have some amazing tunes on my laptop impatiently waiting for their moment of glory. Sit back, have a drink, enjoy your weekend;
Plug in, Baby!

I tried to find a great party-track to this little story, I hope you forgive me for using this previously posted track. It still kills! #letsdance

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