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03-07-2012 // : North Sea Jazz 2012 Preview: Saturday

Day 2 of the amazing North Sea Jazz Festival. After 10 tips for the Friday last week, here's my personal highlights for Saturday based on a massive google/youtube-search I've spend most of my day on today. Enjoy!

17.15 Yenisei: Toon Roos Group featuring Peter Erskine

17.30 Darling: Yuri Honing Wired Paradise

18.45 Hudson: James Farm featuring Joshua Redman

18.45 Madeira: Miles Okazaki Quartet

18.45 Volga: Craig Taborn

Yes, that's 3 concerts starting at the same time, but after listening to all 3 acts it's hard to figure out which is best. My personal favourite is Craig Taborn, but the 3 styles are so different, that I figured to put em all in and let you decide..

19.30 Darling: Rudder

20.30 Volga: Kapok

(music starts after 7 minutes)

21.15 Congo: Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey The Race Riot Suite

22.15 Hudson: Ramón Valle trio & Jesse van Ruller 'Flashes from Holland'

23.15 Mississippi: Bruut!

23.30 Darling: Christian Scott

23.45 Madeira: Vijay Iyer Trio

And there you have: 12 tips from me to you. Enjoy the music. See you Saturday!

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