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17-05-2012 // Album: Will Stratton - Post-Empire

This opening track of Will Stratton's latest album Post-Empire makes it clear from the 1st minute that this is something special. After a 2 minute trip into nothingness, the song really starts as a nice folky track. But more surprises come along as the song progresses. When this 1st song is over, you're 7 minutes into the album and there's no way out. You're sucked in and all you can do is enjoy the rest of the beautiful songs.

Don't let the 1st song fool you into thinking that this is a 'difficult' album to endure, there's also a few more 'basic' folksongs, like this beautiful "Honey Diamond". Which is among the best songs on this album. And it's a clear sign that the real strength of this singer-songwriter lies within his amazing fingerpicking-style. It gives this song a bit of a dark edge to it.

"If You Wait Long Enough" is another great song to show off his fingerpicking talents, but a bit more uptempo. Combined with the short, but powerfull lyrics makes this another beauty.

Don't think that these 3 songs are all this fine album has to offer, check out his Bandcamp-page and listen to the entire album before you decided to spent 7 Dollars on getting it. I have been listening to this for over the past 6 weeks now and I know that's 7 Dollars well spend!

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