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28-02-2012 // Album: Paper Aeroplanes - A Comfortable Sleep

Bought myself 3 great albums tonight and will surely share all of these with you. But there's a bit of an overkill of great music on my laptop these days, so I don't really know where to start.. Next to these 3 great albums, there's at least 3 more albums that are on my "to-show-love-on-blog"-list. Nevermind that stuff though, we'll get loving right away with this great 4-track album by Paper Aeroplanes.

This was an instant-buy the 1st time I heard it. Although I spend over 3 weeks listening to it before I actually purchased it tonight, it was clear from the start. These four songs are pure beauties, as rarely found. A hypnotizing combination of only a few songs that can be played over and over again. Sarah Howells has a beautiful (there is simply no other word to describe it) voice, that works perfect with these sweet and soft songs. The acoustic songs are all things good that can be said about music. I will grand you my silence in words, so you can focus on one of the best things I've heard this month (and I've heard A LOT of good things this month).

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