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26-02-2012 // Album: Woodpigeon - For Paolo

Over a month ago I 1st heard this album's title track "For Paolo", I don't even remember where I found it. But I immediately enjoyed it and the song was quickley added to my daily rotation system; a huge list of loose tracks that I enjoy. Sometimes these tracks make it onto the blog, sometimes they don't. This track made it, not just the single track, but the entire album it belongs to. Because it's a great album. And Woodpigeon deserves to be heard.

This is one of those albums where all tracks are equally sweet. I started out loving the title track as it was, at 1st, the only track I knew. But once I discovered the rest of the album, it has grown to be a must-play-in-full kinda album. It is simply undoable to just listen to one or two songs of this thing and then go listen to something else. "For Paolo" is a great up-tempo opening track, followed by a few slower tracks, that reveal a more melancholic type of singer-songwriter. Which makes perfectly good sense, if you take the time to read the description given by the artist for this album; For Woodpigeon songwriter Mark Andrew Hamilton, For Paolo was inspired by his parents, the cassette tapes they played on long, family drives across the prairies of Canada (and that's just the 1st line).

Perfect Sunday morning album. Which is exactly why I've been waiting all week for this moment to share it with you. Have a nice Sunday.

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