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24-01-2012 // : F&M - I Wish You Were Here

This is a song from an album released in August last year. I've known this song for some time and I love it so much that I have always had the urge to listen to the rest of the album. Which is really easy, as it is for sale via the website of F&M, aswell as via iTunes and Bandcamp. Sometimes though, a whole album just doesn't give me what a single track can provide. That the single track is so overwhelmingly fine, that the rest of an album just can not keep up with it. I'm sure the full album ain't bad, that is pretty much impossible. But i also doubt that the entire album is as good as this one track, as that would mean that it's one of the best albums that 2011 has seen. When the album is not as good as "I Wish You Were Here", it'll be a bit of a disappointment and it would take away a little bit of my love for this track.

So I've been a little unsure on whether I would listen to the entire thing for some time, but I've made my decision. Based on this story about the one track, you might think I won't listen to it, but I will. Right after I've expressed my love for this beautiful sweet whispering folk-track to you. Which I think, I've succesfully done with this little story. Now that I know that my love for this great song is stored, I can safely listen to the rest of the album. And who knows, maybe I'll get back to you on that..

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