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28-12-2011 // interviews: Interview with The Deloreans

As a "Farewell 2011"-series i have tried to get a little interview with the bands/artists that have made this a memorable musical year for me (and hopefully for you). Most of the bands i got in contact with responded very sweet and they have been so kind to answer a few questions about their 2011 and off course about their plans for the year to come, these will be posted in December every few days.

The last interview of this enjoyable series is with the band that has had the most airtime here in my messy kitchen littered with Christmas-dinner-leftovers. The band responsible for my favourite album of the year: The Deloreans. I have to go back to January 9th to find the 1st item i wrote on this amazing band. I had just fallen in love with their track "Buffalo" and a few weeks later i had the same experience with the entire album "American Craze". All throughout the year i have enjoyed this album on a weekly bases and I still get a huge smile on my face while 'singing' along to the 10 highlights this album holds. "2011's Finest: The Albums" will be up probably on Friday, but I don't mind revealing the number 1 spot: American Craze. Have a listen, while you read the interview about the year behind us and their plans for 2012.

If you had to name one moment, what would you consider your highlight of 2011?
There were many incredible moments for us this year; from playing it cities in which we’ve never before been, yet people knew our music, to sharing a stage with They Might be Giants with thousands of people in attendance to making many, many new friends at concerts and through the web. But the ultimate highlight for our group this year must be experiencing so many people around the world listening and responding to our music. Our album American Craze, and especially the single Buffalo has had quite a reach for our group and it has created many excellent opportunities for us for which we are endlessly pleased and thankful.

What are you doing at the moment?
Right now were are taking what feels like our first breath since longer than a year and concentrating on creating new material for our third album. We are also very excited to be completely remixing and remastering our 2009 debut album Love Outrageous for (re)release on vinyl – something that we are now able and quite pleased to do. Also, we are either planning, waiting for them to be edited or preparing to release music videos. Right now we are preparing to release in the coming weeks a video for our song “Non” from American Craze.

Which great band or artist did you discover yourself in 2011?
It was an interesting year for music and I know that all of us have heard some quite interesting material. Though I believe it’s from 2010 I first heard the song Excuses by The Morning Benders in 2011 and find it to be very nice. Enjoyed On my Honor by Eternal Summers. Again with 2010 tracks, addicted to First Date, the B-side to Toro Y Moi’s Leaving Everywhere single. Allah-Las out of San Francisco are very cool. I like the string arrangements for St. Vincent’s Cruel. Some of the more out-of-the-way things would have to be a song titled Abreast Abroad by a small group that goes by the name of The Clams that we played with in Chicago. I also very much enjoyed the music of a band from Ohio by the name of Sohio.

Any favourite albums?
Ah, if only I would’ve had time to listen to and absorb a full album - it takes long enough for a single song to go through my system.

How will you celebrate New Year’s Eve?
You mean you’re not inviting us to your place in the Netherlands?! Hah, seriously, this, please ask us on New Year’s day – and it will have been something good if we can’t, for lack of memory, answer you.

What are your plans for the new year?
I mentioned already the vinyl re-release of our debut album and music videos but also we will be, in the US Summer months, releasing a new single for, to our infinite excitement, a third album later in 2012. Also, we plan on revisiting many of the cities we performed in during 2011 plus several more as it is crazy fun to travel around and perform.

- Thank you The Deloreans for this interview, wish I could invite you over for New Year's Eve, but i'll surely check in on you on January 1st to find out how you spent it.

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