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21-12-2011 // Album: The Willow & The Builder

This last week I've been working on writing my Best of 2011-lists and I was doing a decent job at it. No real troubles about the albums, no hard decisions about the rankings. But then it all went to shit.. The EP-list needed changes after Kuhlamity & Hip Hatchet released new EPs over the last 2 weeks and now there is a perfectly done album-list that I've been working hard on that needs a look because I fell in love with The Willow & The Builder.

The Willow & The Builder are Richard Miron and Adrian Simon and they have released their 1st album a little over 2 months ago. It's a beautiful little work of art with 8 tracks that are all equally beautiful. This goes right up there with my 2011-favourites alongside The White Album and Small Houses. I've added 2 tracks here, Cut It Down is the 6-minute end of the album, to make it go out with a bang of the beautiful kind. Rosaline is an inspiring 'lovesong', but I can only advice you to get the entire album for a "spare what you can"-deal. You won't regret whatever it is that you spend on it!

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