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15-12-2011 // Album: Hezekiah Jones - Have You Seen Our New Fort

Just on the break of the year I need to share this great album with you. It was released back in March, but I've just discovered it a few weeks ago and have been playing it a lot these last weeks. It's a great folk record with some impressive instrumental qualities, as you can hear on Mind Malaise, the 2nd track on the album. The variety make this an album to enjoy a lot without risking getting bored with it, the tracks are very different songs, but all together this is a very strong album.

Big man behind the band is Raphael Cutrufello, he writes almost all the songs and does the main vocals. But it's very much a group effort, it has to be with the powerfull songs and diverse instruments being used on the album. There's also another side to the album, a more folkier side, the pace is slower, the songs are softer. Best example here is the last track down here, called Lift The Shadow From His Heart. Acoustic guitars, a little violin and some background singers, extremely beautiful.

I've given it some thought and this album was on the shortlist, but didn't make it into my Best of 2011-list. Still a great album though, to be played over and over again!

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