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12-12-2011 // interviews: Interview with Conveyor

As a "Farewell 2011"-series i have tried to get a little interview with the bands/artists that have made this a memorable musical year for me (and hopefully for you). Most of the bands i got in contact with responded very sweet and they have been so kind to answer a few questions about their 2011 and off course about their plans for the year to come, these will be posted between now & December 31st.

One of the 1st bands that responded was Conveyor, whose Sun Ray [EP] is one of the finest i've heard this year! Among the many, many loose tracks & EPs i've heard, this immediately stood out, with the thrilling & sizzling sounds, fine harmony singing & just perfectly written songs. Back in June when i 1st 'reviewed' their EP i made a comparison with Grizzly Bear & (a little less) Fleet Foxes, after the many spins it took on my mp3-player & the kitchen stereo i would like to add one more very decent band amongst these, which is Grandaddy, one of my all-time favourite bands and all more the reason i enjoy this release so much.

Read the interview below & listen to 2 cool tracks they released later this year.

If you had to name one moment, what would you consider the 2011-highlight for Conveyor?
The highlight of our year was going on tour with this particular band for the first time. We did a few small dates across the Northeast U.S., and it was good to get out of the city for the first time. When we played our homecoming show (also the release show of our EP) we sold out the venue in lower Manhattan, which was a great way to finish the whole tour.

What are you doing at the moment (november 2011)?
Right now we've started recording our first full-length album. We're wrapping up the mixing on the first single, which should be out next month, and we're rehearsing for an upcoming show at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn on January 5th.

Which great band or artist did you discover yourself in 2011? Any favourite albums?
Caveman was another local band that had a great year. Their debut album was a standout in new music for us. Another great NY band that we got into is Via Audio, who have been around for a while now, but we finally got the chance to see them live.

How will you celebrate New Year’s Eve?
Our drummer Evan is throwing a New Year's party at his apartment in Williamsburg. Our friend DJ Fischerking is going to play.

What are your plans for the new year?
Oh man, this is exciting. We're releasing the first single from our debut full-length in December on a split 7" with our friends Illuminator. They'll be playing with us on January 5th at Glasslands. The album is planned for release in the spring. We'll be heading to SXSW in Austin to play, and we're planning a huge summer tour across the U.S. Hopefully we'll make it to Europe! Can't wait!

Thank you Conveyor for the little interview, i hope to be hearing a lot more from you guys in the new year!

And finally, check out this cool live session on a roof they did for Balcony TV.

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