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10-11-2011 // Album: Small Houses - North

Sometimes i come across an album that is so breathtaking, that it seem the word 'beautiful' has been invented just to describe this specific record. This is Music (with a capital M) that is probably best enjoyed at night, although i've been caught listening to it all times of the day since it was released just a little over a month ago. This album does something really special to me, something i can't describe in any way, i can only relate it to the feeling i had last year with All alone in an Empty House by Lost In The Trees. An album so rich and so special that it doesn't matter when and where i hear it, i'm instantly in love-mode, just beacuse the music does it to me. An album that i listen to so intense, that i hardly realize that it's going to end sometimes. And when it ends, it feels like waking up after a beautiful dream.

My girlfriend recently told me that i write about music sometimes in a way that she would like me to write about her. therefor i will stop explaining now why i absolutely love this album, i don't want her to be jealous. listen. love.

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