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13-10-2011 // Album: Bruce Peninsula - Open Flames

Earlier this year i was introduced to the beautiful music of Bruce Peninsula through their fine Summertime cover The Swimming Song. This was part of their 'Bruce Trail Fire Sale', which they set up to keep themselves busy while one of the band members recovered from a serious health issue (i have to admit, not a clue what was wrong, but privacy is a good thing no?). No that this specific band member is back in business they''ve finally released their new album "Open Flames", and it is worth the wait without a doubt.

This is one of the best releases of the year. no question about it. in the pure heart of it, i guess we should call this a folkrecord, but it is so much more. it's the variety that makes this an album without any dull moments. As a waiting-bonus of some kind they've added 4 songs from the the 'Bruce Trail Fire Sale' to the original album, making this a 14-track masterpiece that is over before you realize it. i would love to continue for some time about why all of these songs are so good and why you should definately spend $8,- on making it your own, but i'm a big fan of letting the music speak for itself and in this case, that'll only work even better. Please enjoy this great record as much as i do.

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