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27-08-2011 // Album: Priestbird - Beachcombers

This fine album by Priestbird has rocketeered right into the top 10 of my 2011: best albums-list. Beause of one simple reason: it's an album with only great songs.

Recently i was talking to my girlfriend about the definition of a great album vs a good album, and we came up with this: if i think with every track of an album that thís really is the best track on it and i continue to think this with every song on the album, this must be an A-MA-ZINGLY Good Album.

Enter "Beachcombers". I had a hard time figuring which song to upload for this little story, because they are all so good. So if you are a little unsure if you want to hear more of this band, blame it on me uploading just not the perfect song. Make sure this will not be a reason for you not to visit their website and download the album for a 'donation-at-will'-price. Beachcombers is a happy making "putting-smiles-on-your-face"-album that is probably best described as Badly Drawn Boy without the noise. Just the sweet, melodical side of BDB without it getting boring, though. The songs are to varied for that. Nine well-crafted songs on a 38min. album that is over way too soon. Lovin' it!

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