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07-06-2011 // : Fool's Gold - Street Clothes

Let me start off by saying that as of this post everything on the blog for the next few days is posted using the 'highly futuresque' postpone-option. My boss has decided to sent me to farfaraway-land untill Friday-night, but since there's more than enough music waiting to be posted, i decided to add a few things using the postpone-option (cuz although i'm in a hotel which will probably grant me a web-connection, bringing my oversized stone-aged laptop would be a pain). Which means i can not see how things turn out on the weblog, and even worse i can not double-check if all the inserted media actually works.. So forgive me for any typing errors/not working media etc etc.. I will restore any defects Friday-night when i'll be back at my trusted and beloved laptop.

That being said, listen to (and download for free) this great track by Fool's Gold: Street Clothes. I admit it had to grow on me, but it's now a proud part of the daily rotation system and i'm taking it with me to my hotel room (which i will be tearing apart with loads of great music gathered on several mp3-players..) in farfaraway-land. Great track!

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