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26-09-2014 // Track: Cathedrals - In The Dark

This is Soooooo Good! Check their full EP at their Soundcloud-page.

23-09-2014 // Track: Matt Paxton - Hummingbird

Today Matt Paxton released his latest EP Mountain Eyes. This song "Hummingbird" was released last week and it's a beautiful little folk song. Just Matt and his guitar. You can check out the full 6-track EP at shop.othersongsmusic.com/album/mountain-eyes-ep, I've just given it a 1st spin and it's a fine record to get lost in the woods with. Maybe even spot a ..

22-09-2014 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: The Rising - Still Coming Home To You

The Rising are being marketed as an Irish band influenced by Bruce Springsteen. I get that. This powerfolk band is sharing their name with Bruce's 9/11 album and their sound is surely within reach of Bruce and The Gaslight Anthem. This band is reaching for a big audience and I hear no reasons they wouldn't succeed. The whole album is a bit too smooth for me, but this 1st single is great Monday morning music. Have a good week!

21-09-2014 // Album: Will Stratton - Gray Lodge Wisdom

Words later. Music now. Gray Lodge Wisdom by Will Stratton is a beautiful record.

19-09-2014 // Track: Black Tarantula - Effektgerat / Wie A zegt

This could be music from a Tarantino-movie. pic tune from one the finest Dutch bands I've discovered in ages. Though actually, they've discovered me and got in touch about their new record Deze Kant Boven (Dutch for: this side up).

These are the opening tracks to that album and if the rest if just as epic this is one hell of an album. They call their style Netherkraut, this is how they describe it: "Netherkraut is an amalgam of surf, psychedelic garagerock and krautrock", I call that: Yeah, whatever! I can hear the surf-influences and they're probably right about the rest, but I'm too busy dancing to really care about styles and influences. Black Tarantula is a very special band with a very special sound. Dutch surf music like I've never heard it before.

Epic. As. Fuck!

17-09-2014 // Track: Dream Country - Hope Slide

A sweet (first?) song by new band Dream Country. I love the midnight vibes.

15-09-2014 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: Curxes - Valkyrie

Another Curxes-track. Equally epic as the previously posted Avant-Guarded. I love their sound, but also their visual style. Band To Watch!

14-09-2014 // Track: The White Album - Kings and Aces

New music by The White Album is always a reason to celebrate. But instead of celebrating anything, I'll be at work all day. For those of us not working, take it easy today and enjoy this fine Sunday song from their album The Quiet Strum, released tomorrow!

12-09-2014 // Track: Candy Darling - Money / Temples

Candy Darling has just released their debut single "Money" last week and it's a banger of a song, and also the only record I've (instantly) bought in the last 4 weeks. It's just thát good!
This is Addictive. As. Fuck.

Not sure if "Temples" is considered a B-side or not, but I call this a double A-side release.

10-09-2014 // Track: Fictonian - Full Circle Influence

A long slow, mesmerizing track for the longest, slowest day of the week. Wednesday is also that day of the week with the longest name, does that have anything to with it being right in the heart of the working week making it sometimes last forever? Besides not knowing that, there seems to be nothing to know about Fictonian. His soundcloud-page is empty and so is the rest of the web as far as I could see in one quick Wednesday morning-search. We'll let the music do the work, as this sounds real trippy and real good.

09-09-2014 // Track: The Middle Names - Remember Me At All

Energetic, funny track by The Middle Names. Their new album I Need Space is just released and there's at least a few more great songs on it, but nothing as funky as this.

07-09-2014 // Track: Dinner Belles - Wandering Eye

Sunday dance music in the old-fashioned sense. Countryfolk with a pulse. Must-Move-Music. Call it whatever you please, I call this a fine tune for any day of the week. Their new album is coming end of October, based on 'Wandering Eye' that's worth the wait.

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