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About pluginbaby.nl

pluginbaby.nl is weblog about music, started in July 2010. The blog is entirely run by me, my name is Jeroen. I'm a 34 year old music junkie from Hoorn, the Netherlands. Besides this blog I have a full-time job, a cat, friends, family and another blog (www.aaprijdtkever.nl). I do my best to keep up with the music that is pouring into my live through the world wide web, my email inbox, other blogs and magazines, but it's not easy. If responses on your emails are slow, I apologize. If your music doesn't show up on the blog, I apologize. Please keep in mind I only share what I really enjoy and prefer not to trash music I don't like. I will just ignore it. Above all this is my way of supporting the artist that have enlightened my life with their music. I hope you enjoy their music as much as I once have.

All of the music files featured on this site are for sampling purposes only. If you like any of the songs, please support the artist and buy the music. If you are the legal owner of a music file or picture featured on this site and would like this removed, please contact me @ jeroen[at]pluginbaby.nl and it will be removed as soon as possible. Sources to music files may have been replaced or removed by the owner of the work. I am aware not all items still include a working link, it is what it is.

28 december 2014
- Jeroen

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